About Us

"Our Top Priority is a Happy Customer"

The company staff of our 35 years of experience is willing to listion to and provide a quick solution to customer's demands.
At Waqas Supplies every phase of Products development is carefully planned, paying attention to national, european and international norms, rules and laws.
We are commited to provide only the best to our customers. we never compromise on quality of Products.
It is the objective of Waqas Supplies to produce superior quality Products, to gurantee the safety and satisfaction for the end users.
Waqas Supplies promises the finest Products tailored by master crattsmen.Main
product line of company is manufacturing and export of:
Boxing Equipment
MMA Gear

Sports Wears.
Compression Wears.
Running Wears.
Leather Garments.
Sports Gloves.

We are highly specialized in above mentioned catagories.

Philosophy of our Business:

The best business is that where profit is on both sides. we do not compromise on prices at the cost of quality.

At Waqas Supplies quality starts High Quality Material!
Based on requriement and specification most of the Products are manufactured using the highest quality 
All the materials are tested by independent Laboratories to match or exceed the requirement and those reports are available to our customers upon request.
For economical product lines, Material is also available from India,China,Pakistan as well as other less expensive yet high qualities sources. we encourage our customers to specify the type as well as origion of raw meterials desired for their finished products.


For the global customer satisfaction. The company has achieved landmark of quality standards such as ISO 9001-2000 CE Certificate and other who fulfill our Customer Requirment.
Custom manufacturing:-
We also custom manufacture any instrument according to your particular design and specifications. we also welcome your inquiries for the Products not listed in catalogue for our catagories.


Very soon setting up other branch offices in Canada, USA Italy and Japan.


Prices are as listed in Waqas's current price list in U$. if you wish to buy in any currency , Waqas Supplies will provide quotes at on going exchange rate.
prices in our price list are FOB in US$. frieght and insurance at actual.Please inform if you have your own insurance policy already in place. it is our earnest desire to maintain our current prices but due to the present universal econmic condition which are beyond our control , prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Customer Satisfaction Research:-

Form the day one, Waqas Supplies is involved in this activity . we firmly believe our continued sucess is dependent us customers satisfaction research.

H R M: ( Human Resource Management )

Waqas Supplies have strong policy of H R M . we invest significant amount on human resource managment and attend workshops and seminars on human resource managment . organised by government of Pakistan in collabration with trade bodies/trade associations of Pakistan and abroad.

Our quest of quality and technology is always improving , the research and development process is never ending.
We are proud to be a leading manufacturer of Products in Sialkot , Pakistan the town Sialkot in the north east of Pakistan is another real "Products Capital of the World" one successfull business needs planning , hardwork and honesty to customers , we at Waqas Supplies have faith in that.
We express our thanks to all our customers for the confidence they have placed us in the past , we further assure them that we will continue our best effort to gain their confidence in the future. 


Your Faithfully,

Waqas Ahmed